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Need to find the number or person? Telephone search is useful way of tracing people.

Death Search 1980 - 2016

Free death search of our UK mortality database. Search well over of 6 million UK death records which in many cases will detail the last known place of residence of the deceased and the actual day, month and year of recorded death. In many death records a full date of birth for the deceased is recorded. Tracing a death record is especially important to those members of the public or professional genealogists engaged in family history or probate investigations.

Reverse Search email or UK telephone number

Need to find the owner or user of a UK email or Mobile or landline telephone number? Reverse search is useful way of tracing people.

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Type in the UK only address you know in the search bar and we will do our best to return the postcode for the address. We will not only identify the postcode for you but when possible we will also show you the street view via Google Maps.

494,000,000 People


35,000,000 Telephone Numbers


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Tracing UK Telephone Number

Looking for UK Mobile or Landline number ? Try the free UK phone book trace databases.

  • Over 35 Million UK Landline Telephone Numbers
  • Over 15 Million UK Mobile Telephone Numbers

We provide a free UK Phone Book search tool and a postcode or address look up - great for confirming the correct format for an address before sending your Christmas cards. It makes no sense to send your letters, parcels and cards to an unconfirmed UK address. after all it just causes unnecessary costs, anxiety and delays.

Use our ‘reverse search’ capability to recover a full identity profile from a single email address or Telephone number. Users often provide feed back that using only minimal information such as a partial name or address, telephone or email, they have accessed results of people that traditional solutions cannot offer, for both historic and current intelligence.

We believe in allowing the public to easily access public content and to aggregate that content into a single platform that allows our registered clients to search for a current or historic address for a person or even a person’s landline or mobile telephone number